For those who can bring themselves to leaving behind the comfortable guesthouse, the sunny terrace and the refreshing water of the swimming pool, we are happy to make some suggestions from the wide range of activities and cultural sites nearby. The list below is inspiring rather than exhaustive. As we have already tried out most of these activities ourselves, please feel free to ask us for more information or practical advice. In addition, the guest house will provide you with the relevant books and brochures that will facilitate your choice.
Kayak, canoe and rafting - The Drôme is perfect for short and long descents. For more information you can consult the websites of the organisations Eaux Vives Aventures and Cap Plein Air, both situated in Saillans.
Mountainbike - The area is great for mountain bikers. You will find more than a hundred clearly defined routes. In the area of Saillans for example, there are 11 routes with lengths varying from 4 to 23 miles. The detailed maps are at your disposal in the guesthouse. What's more, Les Lardons provides you with two mountainbikes that can be used freely. Furthermore, bike rental is possible in Crest, Saillans or Die.
Die - The capital of the Diois is a very charming place, where for example the remains of the Gallo Roman ramparts are definitely worth a visit. Visitor's plan
Forest of Saoû - Its mountains and cliffs turn the forest of Saoû into an almost entirely secluded area, characterised by the wide nature that gives this unique geological attraction a special dimension. It is the ideal spot for hiking tours and the exploration of the local wildlife. More information on Office du Tourisme de Saoû
The Vercors - The plateau of the Vercors, situated north of Les Lardons, is often called a genuine natural fort. It is a true paradise for walkers, famous for its exceptional nature and its historical past as hiding place for the Resistance during the second World War. Links: Parc naturel régional du Vercors - Musée de la Résistance - Mémorial de la Résistance
Fairs and markets with flowers and plants - Calender
Walking - Walking is no doubt the most popular activity in this area. The hiking tours starting from Les Lardons, like the climbing of Les Trois Becs and the Montagne de Couspeau, are just a few of the numerous possibilities. Specialised literature that will lead you to the nearest hiking trails is to be found in the guesthouse.
Swimming - Refreshing in the private swimming pool for is great but the clear waters of The Drôme river or one of its affluents like the Roanne offer you alternative attractive bathing possibilities. Somewhat further, not far from Luc-en-Diois, you will find for instance the site of Claps at the bottom of the Saut de la Drôme waterfall, a child-friendly picnic and bathing area.
The Drôme provençale - Just south of Les Lardons you will find the Drôme provençale. Your guesthouse is indeed just a few miles away from the Provence that spoils the senses with lavender fields, blue skies, black olives, noga specialties, truffles and medieval touristic attractions. We can recommend a visit to for instance Dieulefit, Poët-Laval or Nyons. More information can be found on the website of Drôme provençale.
Clairette de Die - De Diois is known for its Clairette de Die and Crémant de Die. The vineyards and the producers of these bubbles (Raspail in Saillans - Maillefaud in Barsac - Jaillance in Die) will no doubt bring you in the clouds. Other well-known local wines are the Coteaux de Die and the Côtes du Rhone.
The picodon - These small goat cheeses are one of the typical products of the Drôme and the Ardèche. For those who like to visit a cheese room or buy little cheeses with an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlé, the websites of Syndicat du Picodon and Cavet picodons can be helpful.
Markets - In the Drôme you will hardly find a more charming pastime than to stroll on the local markets from which the smells and colours will definitely enchant you. Calender
Aviation - Book your first flight in a plane, a glider or an ultralight motorized plane (ULM) at the Aérodrome d'Aubenasson at 7,5 miles from Les Lardons.
Silk worm farm - In Saillans you can observe the rearing of silk worms. Magnanerie de Saillans
The Diois - Explore the province Diois that guarantees untainted nature, a rich and varied biota, lavender blue landscapes, sunflower fields, Clairette vineyards and an authentic heritage of historical buildings. Pays Diois
Via Ferrata - The Via Ferrata are originally Italian rocky routes, provided with cables, ladders, rope bridges and gangways. In the Diois you can find four Via Ferrata. Brochure
De abbey of Valcroissant - The remains of the abbey of Valcroissant date from the twelfth century. If you would like to visit this abbey, please consult the website: Abbaye de Valcroissant
Canyoning - For those who like it wet: Rio Sourd on the Col du Grimone or le Ruisseau de Léoncel in Oriol. More information on Descente Canyon. For guided canyoning: Eaux Vives Aventures situated in Saillans.
Parapente - The Drôme is a beautiful area for parapente lovers. Many training schools organise air baptisms and information sessions: Vuduciel - Jeux d'ailes - Dynamic Parapente
Rock climbing - The region holds many challenges for climbers, like Les Trois Becs (on the spot, difficult), Les Auberts (1,8 miles, difficult), the caves of Saint-Moirans (8 miles, also for beginners), Espenel (8 miles), Saoû (14 miles, more than 400 routes). Plans can be found in the guesthouse.
Crest - This city is the gateway to the valley of the Drôme. Its donjon, the highest of France, is a beacon in the landscape of the Drôme and is definitely worth a visit. The energy you will need for climbing the stairs will surely be compensated by the exceptional panoramic view awaiting you on the top of the tower. Tour